Wind Mitigation Inspections in Broward & Miami Dade

One of the cities that are most prone to hurricanes is Miami in Florida. Thus, getting wind mitigation inspections in Miami Dade makes all the sense and is often recommended.

Wind mitigation is the inspection of the structural design and condition of a house along with the features that make it hurricane resistant. These features could include tie-down straps, the type of roofing in a building, shutters, and building code that was followed when the house was getting constructed among many.

Our professionals in Miami Dade County and Broward are well-trained and highly proficient in making sure every element of your house, from roof to wall is intact and hurricane resistant. Getting wind mitigation from professionals has plenty of benefits.

This practice not only helps you be confident that your house will not fall apart when the weather on the outside is harsh. It also helps with huge insurance savings on the basis of features or components installed in your house. Damages can often put a hole in your pocket with the need of spending several thousand dollars on its repairs. Thus, with wind mitigation, you will get a fair idea about what all you need to get done in order to make sure that you are safe at all times.

What to Look for During Wind Mitigation Inspection

Making sure that your home stays intact when the weather on the outside is unfavorable is often recommended. This is where wind mitigation inspections in Broward, Miami Dade County, and Palm Beach come into the picture. Wind mitigation is an inspection where the inspector will look for all the necessary components that are needed to be there in a house for it to qualify as hurricane resistant.

In this inspection, our wind mitigation inspector will confirm that your house has all the necessary features after examining the house for approximately 30 minutes to an hour. During this time, the inspector thoroughly evaluates roof decks, roof permitting, roof-to-wall connection, shutters, and secondary water barriers among many.

Your wind mitigation inspector is only capable of documenting what he witnessed. He or she will not play any role in the credits that your house will obtain.

Thus, it is better to be safe than sorry and get wind mitigation done in Miami Dade County and Broward. If you are looking to know more about the service or us, you can give us a call. We will be more than happy to assist you with the same.

Wind Mitigation Inspection Features That Will Get You Insurance Credits

When we talk about wind mitigation, we talk about the inspection of your houses in Miami Dade County and Broward. This inspection is beneficial for not only your safety but also for your pockets. These features will help you to substantially lower the premium of your home insurance.

These features that your wind mitigation inspector should find in your home include the following:

Roof Geometry

This refers to the way your roof is standing. The best out of all is the hip roofs as they can withstand high-pressure winds. Following this are the flat roofs, however, they are prone to leakage.

Secondary Water Barrier/ Water Resistance

Water-resistance is important in case your shingles blow away. This will help you to avoid water intrusion. Thus, a sealed roof is an important element in a house in Miami Dade.

Wall Construction Type

One of the most important connections in the structure of a home is roof-to-wall. It helps improve the performance and resistance of the structure.

Roof Covering

If you wish to get deeper discounts, it is best to stay up-to-date with the type of roof covering you are using. These may include shingles or tiles. Keeping a roof more secured is also crucial to resist winds.

If you are in search of inspectors to get wind mitigation, you can get in touch with us today.

Professional Wind Mitigation in Miami Dade & Broward

A wind mitigation inspection in Miami Dade and Broward will decide whether your home has the defensive elements that are expected to protect against storm level breezes. Our Miami Wind Mitigation reviews can completely assess your property and assist you with deciding whether you are qualified for these credits!
At Hurricane Home Inspections, we encourage all Florida mortgage holders to plan a breeze relief examination at customary stretches. While we can’t ensure investment funds with full confidence, almost certainly, you’ll end up with a positive outcome.

Certified Wind Mitigation Services in Miami Dade & Broward

Our authorized experts at Hurricane Home Inspections invest heavily in our obligation to offer remarkable help observing high industry principles in Miami Dade and Broward. We are profoundly capable and incredibly intensive in each investigation we perform in light of your wellbeing.

During a Wind Mitigation Inspection, a Certified Windstorm Inspector will go to your property and search for key elements that show that it will be doubtful to be hurt or disastrously harmed during a typhoon or solid Windstorm. This permits our Wind Mitigation Inspector to give your home a declaration expressing that it is better prepared to bear such an occasion than a home without these elements.


Yes, wind mitigation does expire. On average, these inspections have validity for up to five years from the date the last inspection took place. This is, however, true only when no materials have been added or changed in the structure.

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Covid-19 protocols

Aside from our normal standards of practice, Hurricane Home Inspection service is Certified in best practices as developed by Internachi. We maintain 6ft distancing and PPE during all inspections.

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